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Jetta Clean is designed specifically for Jetta Whirl Bathing Systems but is also compatible with Jetta Air Bathing Systems. Each bottle of Jetta Clean contains approximately 16 cleanings, packing a lot of punch into a small amount of product. For best results, use Jetta Clean monthly to keep your system clean of any bio-contaminants.

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  • Remove headrests or pillows prior to cleaning.
  • Add 4 capfuls (1oz) to warm water filled over the top of the jets once per month
  • Run circulating jets for 5 minutes, foaming will occur- this is normal!
  • For extra dirty situations, after circulation, leave water to soak for up to an hour, run the jets 1 more minute before draining.
  • Drain and rinse the tub with fresh water, running the jets to free any residual cleaner or debris.
  • Available to Jetta partners in case packs of 16
  • JSC16-16

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