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Take comfort in our hydrotherapy bathing systems expertise, backed by our Stay Hot GuaranteeJetta offers a broad assortment of bath tubs and systems, including the largest freestanding selection in the industry. Transform your bathroom into a personal oasis for the ultimate at-home experience! 


Brand Promises

it's about you, not us

The only thing as vast as our product selection is our commitment to customer service. The promise we make to our cusotmers: to deliver products made with premium quality, on time, and with a stress-free pleasant customer experience

quality + durability

Every Jetta tub is manufactured with extra-tough, exceptionally attractive acrylic. It's non-porous surface means the gloss won't dull or fade, even after years of cleaning. Plus, Jetta adds 2 layers of fiberglass backing, minimizing on-site damage for reduced repair costs our 10-year structure and surface warranty for maximum peace of mind.

soak in the simplicity

To you, we make bathtubs.  But our team is committed to making your business run as smoothly as possible. That means keeping our deliveries on schedule, our lead time short, our product line broad, and our customization process simple.  After all, we're in the business of helping people relax.

we specialize
in specialization

We consider every order an opportunity to do more than fill a request. We seek to fulfill your unique needs and build programs to prove it. Find out why our customers trust us time and again to deliver specialty products and custom solutions that are everyday simple.

you ask,
we deliver

Some of the best products and smartest features in the Jetta line are the direct result of suggestions and feedback from our customers and partners. We've found that greater success happens when we produce what our customers tell us they need rather than telling our customers why they need what we produce.

luxury meets flexibility 

Our exceptionally customizable product line offers you quality choices you can stand behind - with customized experiences for a variety of hydrotherapies or luxurious bathing options.

Don't take our word for it...

Customer service is not a department

Customer service is a commitment. That means we're here to keep the promise we make to our customers: to deliver quality products on time with a stress-free customer experience. That's an assurance with every order. 


"You are dedicated to the business of service and it shows...

You all make it easy to do business with and we appreciate your hard work in delivering customer service that cannot be duplicated.
Mike C
Showroom Partner & Industry Leader
"Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our mutual success. 

 You consistently rank among our best vendor partners.  We appreciate all that you do to support us."
Jay W
Distribution Partner & Industry Leader


The story of Jetta began in 1981. In the infancy of Jetta, our founder actually began building this business as a Spa company, but used his resources to build his first whirlpool bathtub with the goal of using hydrotherapy to help a loved one through an illness.  And so the bathtub company was born.

During the first 10 years, we gained a reputation as a leading provider of quality system tubs. By the late 80’s Jetta was a mainstay of the Oklahoma City new home construction market and became known as the “go-to” bathtub source for local builders, plumbers, and homeowners.


In the late 80’s Jetta also developed a reputation locally for solid surface shower kits, countertops, and vanities in addition to bathtubs. Many homeowners throughout the state of Oklahoma still have Jetta solid surface counter tops in their homes. In fact, even though our organization shifted our focus solely to acrylic bathtubs and phased out solid surface offerings almost 15 years ago, we still get inquiries about that product today.  Dozens of employees at Jetta work each day from desks manufactured from Jetta Stone desks made more than 20 years ago! 


At one point in the 90's our Jetta showroom presence expanded to include 16 showrooms across the US.  Jetta leadership realized there was a more effective way to expand our reach and the business began partnering with distribution partners and showrooms across the nation and slowly phasing out our additional showrooms.  As a result, over the last few decades, Jetta’s acrylic bathtub market reach has continued to expand. Our tubs have been installed in countless homes across the country, we have employed hundreds of Oklahomans over the years, and we are proud to have partnered with specialty plumbing showroom locations across the nation who continue to sell our bathtubs and spread the Jetta legacy across the nation! 

When our founder, Dick Johns created his first whirlpool bathtub in 1981, his objective was to provide hydrotherapy for a family member in need, but his budding entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for the Jetta brand. In 2001, a group of local investors purchased Jetta, and their vision and expertise has grown our company into what it is today.


Our Culture

Like all great companies, we value honesty, integrity, respect, and humility. What makes Jetta special is our set of values that uniquely define who we are as a company, how we treat people, and how we approach business.
Jetta can only be successful in fulfilling our promise to our customers when we have a team of individuals who collectively live out our values every day. We depend on our Jetta family to demonstrate our values in these ways, and we strive to live out these values within our team and with our customers.


We go beyond what is expected to deliver excellent results.


We collaborate on solutions that increase loyalty and commitment


We are passionate about our Work and our Team.


We are dependable, responsive and a partner to be counted on.

More about what we do

Jetta manufactures high quality acrylic bathtubs at our corporate headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma.


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