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Barbados J14X

    • Designer

    • Whirlpool

    • 72" X 48" X 24"

    • Rectangle



JettaWhirl Designer baths work deep in your body's tissues, relieving tight sore muscles while promoting rejuvenation. Treat your, back, sides, and feet to strategic directional jets tailored to your relaxation preference. JettaWhirl Designer tubs come with the Exclusive Jetta Stay Hot Guarantee. Jetta guarantees that the water in out insulated whirlpool baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original fill temperature for 30 minutes of use without an in-line heater. Customize your Jetta whirlpool bath with an LED light, grab bars, Spa pillows, and more.



  • Foam insulation with eco-friendly polyurethane foam for a warmer bathing experience
  • High-gloss, high-impact, UV-resistant acrylic will not dull or fade
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Stay Hot Guarantee
  • 9 flow-adustable and directional jets: 3 rotating back jets, 2 additional rotating back jets, 2 side jets, and 2 foot jets
  • All jets are removable for easy cleaning
  • 2 BHP pump - 9 Amps
  • Tri-ssage control for adjustable pump flow rates
  • Passive warm air induction system
  • Rotating back jets are adjustable to stationary jets
  • Upper body jets can be shut down for operation at a lower water level
  • Sculptured armrests, Lumbar back support
  • Installation: Drop-in
  • 2 person bathing well
  • End Drain
  • Standard Colors: White, Biscuit
  • Designer Colors: Bone, Black, Ice Grey, Sandbar



  • Mood or LED lights
  • Bath waste & overflows
  • Spa Pillows
  • Neck jet therapy system
  • Aromatherapy
  • 6" acrylic grab bars
  • Inline heater
  • Upgrade pump size
  • Extra jets/Specialty jet uprade
  • ABS tile flange