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Loft J-100S

  • Classic

  • Soaker

  • Skirted

  • 60" X 30" X 15"

  • Rectangle


Jetta Classic JettaSoak bathtubs offer deep bathing wells, all of which include low-density foam insulation to maintain an ideal water temperature throughout your bathing experience. A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. This timeless hydrotherapy will renew and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the Jetta spa escape. Loft offers a sleek interior and flat front skirt to give your smaller master or second bath a modern, high-end feel. Customize your Jetta Classic soaker bath with an LED lights, Spa pillows, and bath waste & overflows. 




  • Foam insulation with eco-friendly polyurethane foam for a warmer bathing experience
  • High-gloss, high-impact, UV-resistant acrylic will not dull or fade
  • Flat front integral skirt with clean lines
  • Minimalist tub interior
  • Molded tile flange
  • 1 person bathing well
  • End Drain
  • Standard Colors: White, Biscuit



  • Mood or LED lights
  • Bath waste & overflows
  • Spa Pillows
  • 6" acrylic grab bars
  • Removable skirt
  • ABS tile flange