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Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing or simply a part of your daily routine, you deserve the best in hydrotherapy technology. You deserve Jetta.

A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. Available in all of Jetta’s product lines, this timeless hydrotherapy will renew and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the Jetta spa escape.

Whirlpool hydrotherapy works deep in your body’s tissues, relieving tight and sore muscles while promoting rejuvenation. Treat your back, shoulders, hips, legs and feet to strategic jet placement tailored to your relaxation preference. To customize your spa experience, select from rotating back jets, Jetta’s exclusive directional jets or the sleek look of our InvisiJet technology.

The soothing experience of bathing in effervescent air bubbles calms the mind, relaxes nerves and quiets the entire body. Balanced air flow throughout maintains even pressure in all injectors, providing a supremely spa-like bathing experience with multiple modes to suit your every mood.

Recharge with dual hydrotherapy sensations as we combine JettaWhirl and JettaAir into a single spa experience. Their fusion provides a distinct bathing sensation when the invigorating whirlpool jet action merges with tingling bubbles in the air bath.

featuring InvisiJet technology on our affinity collection

Delight in the coziness of Jetta’s exclusive warm water promise. Our Stay Hot Guarantee is designed to draw the maximum amount of heat from the foam insulated JettaWhirl system and transfer it back into your bath water. The result is a stable bathing temperature that can actually rise from one to three degrees while luxuriating in your at-home spa experience.

Jetta guarantees that the water in our insulated whirlpool baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original fill temperature for 30 minutes of use without an inline heater.