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Jetta History

In 1981, Jetted Products began as an outdoor spa manufacturer based out of Edmond, Oklahoma with a product offering of just two models. Four years later, production began on whirlpool bathtubs as a secondary product line.  Jetted Products made the decision to shift the entirety of the product offering from outdoor spas to whirlpool bathtubs in 1988, and Jetta Products, Inc. was born.

Three years later, the product line expanded once again as manufacturing of a non-porous, solid surface material called JettaStone was launched.  Originally developed as an alternative material used in the production of bathtubs, JettaStone quickly became a popular countertop material. 

More changes were on the horizon as production grew, and Jetta Products, Inc. began its operation as Jetta Corporation in 2001.  Throughout the next four years, Jetta Corporation reduced operating costs and increased sales and profit margin, leading to its market repositioning in 2005.  Jetta Corporation shifted from a factory direct mentality and began focusing on proactively supporting the consumer. With this fresh, consumer-driven attitude, an updated brand image was created, including a new logo, renovated showrooms and the opening of multiple Jetta Design Centers. In this same year, the Camden Collection replaced JettaStone and offered kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls and bases in addition to numerous other items. Jetta Products discontinued the Camden Collection in 2007 and exited the solid surface market 

Jetta Today

Today, Jetta currently operates three company-owned Jetta Design Centers in Edmond, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. Each services a network of distributors and dealers across the United States. Throughout our history, Jetta Corporation has long been considered a leader in innovation and creativity, and that continues to be the standard by which our products are built.  

The first manufacturer to insulate our bathtubs and offer upper body jets for the neck and shoulder areas, a two-pump system and custom pump locations, Jetta was also the first company to successfully vacuum form a bathtub with an integral skirt. Jetta Corporation currently offers consumers 115 bath models in a variety of sizes, shapes and jet configurations. It is with pleasure that we serve our customers and distributors across the country with supreme quality and the highest industry standards.